Since 1985, Innovative Tool Supply has serviced the Space Coast, East Coast, and Central Florida regions. Our senior Cutter Grinder has close to 50 years of toolmaking experience. We provide our customers with top quality workmanship that is second to none.

At Innovative Tool Supply, we can accommodate all of your tool sharpening needs. All cutting tools are sharpened to manufacturer’s specifications. We also expedite your tool sharpening requirements if needed.

Innovative Tool can fulfill all your cutting needs. These services include:

Resharpening of all cutting tools

Sale of new and resharpened cutting tools

Industrial supplies

Manufacturing of specialized cutting tools.

We specialize in form tooling. We regrind and resharpen all machine shop cutting tools including drills, endmills, form tools, broaches, reamers, sidemills, hogmills, rotobroaches, Davis-Keysetter broaches, Mitts and Merrill Keyseat cutter, large drills up to 3 1/2 inch, spade drills, spline cutters, concave and convex radius, hobb sharpening, large radius tools, and so much more.

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